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How we determine the Best Schools for you!

We provide you with the highest rated schools based off the standings of the Fraser Institute. The Fraser institute uses many resources and takes into account plenty of data to create a very reliable source of information and rating for the best ranked schools in the GTA and varying areas. 

The Fraser Institute uses EQAO test results from each school over the past 5 years. The EQAO tests are conducted in Grades 3, 6, 9 (math) and 10 (literacy), grades 3 and 6 both complete math, reading and writing. 

Obviously not every school has been around for 5 or more years thus they would not have a sufficient amount of data for clear rankings. The Fraser Institute only bases their findings off certain indicators although there is always a lot more to consider when you are finding the perfect school for your children. 

So it is important to take into account that the ratings from the Fraser Institute are simply a general guideline as to how each school is performing.

You can also click here to offer you a more customized search for schooling based on the specific area that you are looking for through SchoolQ.

Elementary Schools

The Fraser Institute takes into account 9 indicators to determine the overall ratings for Elementary schools. 

  1. Gr. 3 Avg Level Reading 
  2. Gr. 3 Avg Level Math 
  3. Gr. 3 Avg Level Writing
  4. Gr. 6 Avg Level Reading
  5. Gr. 6 Avg Level Math 
  6. Gr. 6 Avg Level Writing
  7. Gender Gap Level Reading
  8. Gender Gap Level Writing
  9. Tests below standard %

Secondary Schools

7 indicators are used to determine the overall ratings for Secondary schools.

  1. Avg. Gr. 9 Math (academic)
  2. Avg. Gr. 9 Math (applied)
  3. OSSLT passed % - FTE
  4. OSSLT passed %- PE
  5. Tests below standard %
  6. Gender Gap level- Math 
  7. Gender Gap OSSLT


Gender Gap: The difference between boys and girls performance in the EQAO category. If category favours girls then value precedes an F, if it favours boys then value precedes M. E means no difference between boys and girls, they have an equivalent success rate.

OSSLT: Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

EQAO: Education Quality and Accountability Office

FTE: 1st attempt

PE: subsequent attempt

Fraser Institute Rating (out of 10): Green (10.0- 7.6), Yellow (7.5-6.0), Orange (5.9-4.1), Red (4.0-0.0)